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Ingrown hairs are painful and itchy bumps, especially when they appear in your pubic region.Jacqueline Francis AKA Jacq The Stripper author of "Striptastic" knows a thing or two about keeping a bump-free bikini line: after all, her lady parts are seen up close and personal on the regular.Shaving is a go-to for hair removal, but no one wants discomfort and irritation on your legs, face, underarms, or bikini area.An ingrown hair near the vagina develops when the tip of a pubic hair folds back into the skin at the root.Everyone wants to look their best when it comes time to hit the beach, and in many cases, that means removing unsightly and unwanted hair.There's even a Reddit thread asking 'strippers' for their tips on how to get a smooth 'area'.

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No matter how many years you've been shaving, razor bumps can happen to the best of us.

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There are few things more mind-bendingly frustrating then taking time to meticulously shave your legs, bikini line, arms, whatever, only to be left with a mountain of ingrown hairs and irritation an hour later.But then you notice a raised, red bump that starts to feel tender to the touch — razor bumps strike again!You have many options available for removing the hair in your bikini area, but shaving is the most popular.

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