Vagina vegetable tools

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You are what you eat, and apparently so is your vagina.If you get the wrong kind of bacteria overgrowing in your vagina, you can start to smell pretty bad.So is the fact that more masturbation aides exist than colors in the rainbow, and then some.You've all heard horror stories of that one friend's-cousin's-classmate who put some random object inside her vagina during a heated moment and ended up in the hospital with an embarrassing story—and maybe even some serious physical damage.For a healthy vagina, it all starts with your diet.An artificial vagina is a device designed to imitate the female sex organ.

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There's apparently a new trend which involves women cleaning their vagina with the aid of a cucumber.

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Long before I bought my very first vibratora girl in my neighborhood introduced me to the water jets in my pool.So is the fact that more masturbation aides exist than colors in the rainbow, and then some.If you've been looking for another item to file under "trends that should never exist", you may be delighted — and equally horrified — to learn to learn that women are now giving themselves a cucumber vagina facial.

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